StarBus and HitchHiker Documentation

Here are two new documents, These are Acrobat-pdf files. If you prefer a fully printable booklet for use with MS-Word (6 or higher), please write to Sales (at) StarBus (dot) com (NOT a link...Please open mail program and type this address) .

The all new, fully rewritten, Series-C StarBus Advanced Features (replaces the dog-eared, brown-covered, StarBus Technical Reference).

The HitchHiker User's Manual (revised for version 1.39).

Incidentally, if you have not recently upgraded your HitchHiker, here's an offer you can't refuse: FREE, F-R-E-E, F--R--E--E. You heard correctly. No matter when or where you bought your old StarBus HitchHiker, there is no charge to upgrade to this version. O.K., so we removed a few bugs and added a few long-promised features. Nevertheless, this is the last of our free upgrades. Be there or be square. Offer Expires when we say so!

For other documentation, please return to the IMCO/StarBus Home Page.