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Now there’s a StarBus for Ethernet
(with 2 RS-232/serial and 1 parallel port)

Just as StarBus packets and transmits RS-232 data onto a twisted pair, StarBus for Ethernet packetizes serial & parallel data onto an Ethernet, and reconstructs it at one or more other SFE units - on any Ethernet - anywhere in the world.

Each StarBus for Ethernet Busdriver has 2 serial ports, a parallel port, and up to 8 TTL or analogue signals, which are distributed without interference to existing computer communications. Your ethernet cable can now be used for all data - independent of the application or other existing equipment!

StarBus for Ethernet Busdrivers function just like 'classic' StarBus Busdrivers . . .

SFE does much more: A watchdog system tracks network connec-tions - and reestab-lish-es each one after a network or power failure. SFE controls remote equipment (even switching it on and off). SFE gives Ethernet sites total system uniformity. Manage connections between non-Ethernet equipment with the ease of Ethernet and the simplicity of our dedicated-wire StarBus.


Serial Ports  Two full-duplex RS-232 ports, up to 38,400 bps, including all
  (9 pin)     handshake signals: RTS/CTS/DTR and DCD (Carrier Detect).
Parallel Port One parallel port, user set to input or output and any 3 inter-
 (25 pin)     face standards: Centronics, Data Products, or Data General.
Control I/O   (4) isolated TTL inputs and four (4) outputs for general I/O.
              A/D conversion is available as an option.
 Network      Choose from 3 options: 10Base-T (twisted pair); 10Base-2 (coax);
Interface     10Base-5 (AUI).  Packets are TCP/IP compliant. StarBus HitchHiker
              stores IP addreess.  Data is transparent to bridges and routers.
Power         120 or 240 VAC  (12 watts).  No external powerpack required.
Indicators    Network port A/B, Packet RX, Packet TX, Serial port TX, Serial
              port RX, and Parallel port compatibility mode.
Controls      Parameters stored in non-volatile memory.  Use either push-button
              or application sequence to enter commands.  Master reset switch.
Physical      Metal: 10x8x2". 3.3 lbs. Tabletop, single or double rack mount.

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