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Your probably wondering why I'm smiling. It's because there are exciting things
happening to StarBus this winter... So, jump directly to these topics:

Series-C Feature Upgrade

For starters, there is the Series-C feature upgrade (photo and order form). Just $59 per Busdriver for authorized Andover dealers - or $49, when ordered at the same time as new Busdrivers.

Series-C supports the feature requested most frequently by Andover Controls dealers: The ability to send alarms to any port while already logged onto a host! With plenty of nifty features like RS-232 character pacing, improved group-alarm buffering, Infinity/SX-8000 support, and downward 256 compatibility, you'll want to order early. In fact, you can order right Here!

This special price ends whenever we say so! So if you're still using Series-B (or heaven forbid, Series-A) then get with the program, Charlie!

Are You an Andover Dealer or 3M Engineer?

It's no secret: Here at IMCO, we unabashedly play favorites (translation: We knoweth upon which side our bread is buttered)!

If you located this web page, you probably know that IMCO has a special relationship with Andover Controls and with 3M Company. "So what?!" you ask. Well, it means that Andover dealers and engineers at 3M manufacturing plants enjoy special StarBus pricing and customized options that are not available to others ... not even to our own distributors.

That's because, as an authorized Andover dealer or 3M site engineer, your purchases are made under our a quantity pricing arrangement which encompasses thousands of unit sales to Andover and 3M sites all over the world. Even if you order only one unit, it's less than our distributor quantity stocking price!

We can't tell you how low on this web page. After all, other dealers might arrive here through a web search. But if you are getting our Newsletter (Andover or 3M version) then you have already seen the incredible networking pricing on the back page.

Of course, if you're not an Andover dealer or a 3M plant engineer, then call one today. Our dealers are incented to let you save on your controls networking. Here's your chance to Subscribe to our newsletter!

Download the latest APSEQ.EXE

You can click Here to download the latest version of APSEQ.EXE which works with both series B and C StarBus. It takes less than 30 seconds at 28.8k. Written by Harold Weiss and myself, we certify it as free of viruses. You have our word.

* To download a linked file to your disk (rather than viewing or hearing it immediately),
press shift before clicking. This tells most web browsers to bring up the 'Save-As' dialog.

Write Phil (at) StarBus (dot) com (NOT linked...Please open mail program and type this address)
Click Here to visit the newer StarBus home page

Phil's Personal Corner

StarBus is a founding sponsor of the museum and art registration drive for Chicago artist Shelly Canton (Shelly Terman Canton), 1930~1986.
ome photos of me & Kitty taken on our recent trip to China: Zebra Fable Italy Tong .  My friend, Karen.

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